Bemliese™ #1 Premium Sheet Mask

Incredible smoothness. Amazing absorbency. Unmatched fit.

The continuous search for the best sheet mask fabric on the market to nourish your skin with the best natural organic ingredients.

Inna Organic spent an immense amount of time and effort in search for quality material to create our sheet masks in order to rise above EWG Verified and COSMOS certified standards. We finally came across a special fabric called Bemliese™ – the only continuous cellulosic filament nonwoven sheet on the market, produced by the Japanese Asahi Kasei Corporation (since 1931, a trading company on the Tokyo stock market, ticker 3407). It is one of the most premium sheet mask fabrics, boasting extremely light and thin features with superior absorbency power. The fabric’s use goes beyond skincare products, it’s also utilized in medical and industrial fields that require high purity standards. With its outstanding quality, Inna Organic strives to provide our users with the most comfortable experience paired with effective results when using our facial sheet masks.

Bemliese™ made from 100% cotton linter

Bemliese made from 100% cotton linter

Bemliese™ makes efficient use of the short fibers (linter) around the cotton seeds, which were previously unused as a raw material. We take this cotton linter, apply production processes that we originally developed, and the result is a material with higher functionality than ordinary cotton.

1. Perfectly Fits Your Skin

Compared to other sheet mask fabrics on the market, Bemliese™ is lighter and thinner, but provides more than 10 times of absorbability compared to traditional fabric. It is nearly translucent and has the ability to adhere to your face very well. On top of that, it takes only 10 mins to release all the serum nutrients into your skin.

Below is a comparison test result of Bemliese™ with other nonwoven sheets. Bemliese™ remains translucent throughout the 15 minutes of testing, so you definitely won’t feel awkward putting on this mask at home or even on flights. In comparison, after 15 minutes, the nonwoven sheets started peeling off around the edges of one’s face, nose, and mouth, an issue many have experienced when using traditional sheet masks.


0 minutes


After 5 minutes


After 15 minutes

Other materials


0 minutes


After 5 minutes


After 15 minutes

* The images are sourced from Asahi Kasei.

*The test result and the images are sourced from Asahi Kasei. Bemliese™ has the ability to cling tightly to surfaces as it becomes soft from absorbing liquid. This makes it an ideal material for facial sheet masks due to its perfect fit to skin along facial contours.

2. Gentle on Skin. Zero Skin Friction

Bemliese™ is composed by continuous cellulosic filament without the use of adhesive agents. The material creates a smooth texture that is hypoallergenic and does not cause unnecessary irritations. Traditional sheet masks are composed of fibers in different lengths, which could rub against one’s face and cause discomfort, resulting in itchiness and stinging. With the continuous cellulosic filament, Bemliese™ can fit and adhere better, providing the smoothest silkiness on your skin.

3. Eco-friendly Material 

The biodegradable Bemliese™ sheets are composed of 100% cotton linter as a material. With its self-bonding features, it is made with NO chemical adhesive agents, reducing dissolution of impurities. Certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, we can fully trust that the fabrics are eco-friendly throughout the entire manufacturing process.


After use, returning to earth

* The images are sourced from Asahi Kasei.

Because Bemliese™ comes from all-natural cotton linter, it has excellent biodegradability that lends to natural decomposition. If returned to earth, Bemliese™ will be broken down by microorganisms.

Bemliese™ is pure, gentle, and comfortable for any skin types. Don’t miss out on the perfect sheet masking experience with our nontoxic translucent sheet masks.

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