Face toner for skincare routine benefits

Face toner

Have you ever wondered what’s the role toners play in our daily skincare routine? This article aims to discover the secrets of face toners and other tips to help care for your delicate skin.

What is Face Toner?

Aren’t toners just scented water?

Although toners are gaining popularity amongst skin care products, many still view toners as water, “just” water! Hence the question if toners – with such high percentages in water – truly benefit the skin and complexion. In fact, water is a necessity for healthy skin, and the boost from toners can bring extra benefits to the skin.

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Why you need a face toner?

3 toner benefits that will surprise you!

1. Hydration: Toners have the ability to quickly hydrate the skin with a great source of water. Moisturizers should always follow the use of any toner to prevent water from evaporating from the face, leaving the skin dehydrated instead.

2. Cleansing: Applying toner is the first step of the skincare routine after cleansing, and it can also work as a second layer of skin cleansing. It can gently remove the remaining dirt and grime residual on the skin after the first step of face washing.

3. Conducive: Sometimes our skin plays the role of closed doors, making it hard for nutrients in skincare products to be absorbed by the skin. In situations like this, substances are needed to “conduce” and open the doors to increase absorbency for subsequent skincare products to efficiently penetrate. Inna Organic developed Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Toner to serve this purpose.

Are face toner actually necessary?

Awaken Your Skin! The Theory of Leading

Is a wet towel more likely to absorb water than a dry towel?

This is because when the water encounters a dry object, the penetration power of water is determined by the surface tension of the water itself; in contrast, when on a wet object, the attraction power between the water itself and the water on the object becomes the dominant factor, greater than the surface tension, therefore enhancing the penetration power. Toners serve this function – conducing water into the skin, so that the subsequent skincare products, like cream, lotion, or oil, can be more absorbable.

However, if the toner has a higher percentage of larger molecules, this will hinder the penetration of subsequent skincare nutrients and lower the absorbency of the skin. Inna’s Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Toner contains a variety of natural, safe, and effective ingredients with tiny molecules. One of the crucial leading ingredients is Betaine, a natural water-balancing factor extracted from beetroots – with its isotonic characteristics, it delivers triple hydrating effects, including replenishing water, looking in moisture, and balancing the skin; as a result, it effectively awakens your skin, layering a better foundation for subsequent skincare steps.

Note: Gently mist Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Toner on your face, or even spray it on saturate cotton pads for wet compression on particular facial areas for 3-5 minutes.

The Best Toner Ingredients for Your Face

It doesn’t smell like Frankincense essential oil 

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Learning about Frankincense Hydrosol

Unlike other skincare products in our Frankincense collection, the Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Toner does NOT possess a pleasant, woody aroma. Formulated with organic frankincense hydrosol, it has a light grassy, earthy scent.

What is hydrosols?

Hydrosols, also known as “flower water”, is a byproduct from the process of extraction of essential oils, and the extraction methods of “organic” and “nonorganic” hydrosols are also different. For organic extractions, the use of chemical solvents from the petrochemical industry is prohibited, only nontoxic solvents (natural fermented alcohol, organic vegetable oils, or glycerol etc.) are allowed for the extraction of essential oils, and furthermore the solvent must be completely removed after the extraction is performed. Inna Organic is committed to utilizing organic ingredients without synthetic fragrance; hence, this revitalizing toner has a truly natural and botanical scent with a tint of sour tone. However, the slightly grassy smell evaporates quickly, leaving your skin toned and ready for following care. It is pure, free of alcohol and essential oils in ingredients, so pregnant mothers and children can also use it safely.

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Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Toner


An alcohol-free face toner that dramatically boosts the effectiveness of any skincare routine. Our gentle toner mist leaves skin feeling soothed and softened, never tight or dry.

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