Make Sheet Mask as Your New Skincare Habit

Sheet Mask

Me time with face sheet mask

The last few months have become one where works and home can not be divided. The stress that comes along with your tasks doesn’t end in the office. Endless housework and cooking always cause a storm in your mind.

Adjusting to the new normal, do ensure that you are planning something for yourself every week which is good for your mental health and will help you to relax. Here’s what we like to do when we feel the anxiety is getting out of hand with Work From Home – face sheet masks, one of the hottest trends to Relax and De-Stress. A mini home facial to incorporate to ensure that you’re having some ME TIME and pamper yourself.

Despite multiple levels of skincare, sheet masks have frequently been associated with a long weekend where you probably had a lot more time at hand to relax. But relaxation and skincare can’t wait for long weekends. Right? You brush your teeth every day and then go to the dentist every six months to get a deep cleaning. You must have a home care routine regularly, a mini home facial a few times a week. That will make sure your skin is in its best shape! Make sheet masks your new skincare habit today!

Inna Organic Face Mask

The Benefits of Sheet Masks

  • Increases ingredient absorption
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any skin type, tone, and concern
  • Soothes post-treatment skin

Inna Organic Bemliese Face Sheet Mask

Inna Organic_Blog_Frankincense Revitalizing Face Mask
Frankincense Revitalizing Face Mask (RM43.90)

Effectively reduce wrinkles and fine line, Nourish aging skin

Inna Organic Blog Myrrh Detoxifying Face Mask
Myrrh Detoxifying Face Mask (RM43.90)

Intense hydration, Purifying & detoxifying

Inna Organic_Blog_Neroli Brightening Face Mask
Neroli Brightening Face Mask (RM43.90)

Reducing dark spot, Brightens dull skin & uneven skin tone

Inna Organic Blog Lemon Tea Tree Mattifying Face Mask
Lemon Tea Tree Mattifying Face Mask (RM43.90)

Long-lasting oil-controlling, Hydrating skin, Balance sebum & minimize pores

Inna Organic Blog Rose Geranium Soothing Face Mask
Rose Geranium Soothing Face Mask (RM43.90)

Soothe post-sun exposure skin, Calm skin irritation

Inna Organic_Blog_Botanical Trio Ultra Soothing Face Mask
Botanical Trio Ultra-Soothing Face Mask (RM43.90)

Clam, Soothe skin discomfort, Designed for sensitive skin

Frankincense Revitalizing Eye Mask
Frankincense Rich Revitalizing Eye Mask (RM24.00)

Effectively reduce eye area fine line, Smoother and brighter eye area skin


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