Moisturizer for your skin type

Moisturizer for your skin type

Find the best moisturizer for your skin type

You might have heard of the “one-for-all” product quite a few times, claiming that one product can solve several skin problems, from brightening, anti-aging to moisturizing. Do such magical products really exist? Considering multiple internal and external factors such as temperature, humidity, emotional stress changing in our lives every day, our skin condition fluctuates as well. Hence, it’s not hard to conclude that it doesn’t make sense to believe that one single skincare product can handle every skin problem under the sun. Goes to show how important it is to understand your own skin condition, as your skin knows best what it needs and what it doesn’t at different times.

Many people choose to skip moisturizing and only use toners when the weather is hot and humid in fear of oily skin. While in fact, the use of toners can only temporarily apply moisture to the skin, if it isn’t followed with oil-based products to lock in the moisture the skin will dry out soon. To make things worse, the continued spraying of water on the face will only cause your skin to become drier when the water evaporates.

Our skin is made up of three layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous (hypodermis) tissue. Within the epidermis, there are five more layers, of which stratum corneum is the outermost layer. The stratum corneum acts as a barrier for our skin’s protection: healthy skin possesses a thick stratum corneum layer to protect the skin from dehydration, infection and bacteria. Unhealthy skin, such as atopic dermatitis, has defected stratum corneum, resulting in easily irritated or allergic reactions as a result of minor disturbances.

Inna Organic_The Secret to Moisturizers

The Secret to Moisturizers: Essential Care for A Healthy Skin Base

Oil and water are two components vital to the production of lotions. Our Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion and Frankincense Revitalizing Face & Eye Cream both contain water and organic Bulgarian otto rose hydrosol, which works to moisturize and soften our stratum corneum. The oil of choice is one that is close to our sebum composition, such as triglyceride and fatty acid, to protect the skin. We also use xanthan gum, a macromolecule thickener that forms a thin layer on the skin, preventing water from evaporation.

Finally, the most stigmatized and misunderstood ingredient — emulsifier — also plays an important role in our lotion/cream. Often times, emulsifiers are a substance of concern, but it is actually an important carrier to blend oil and water thoroughly. However, Inna Organic understands the importance of selecting the right type of emulsifier, such as the natural olive emulsifying wax in our Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion, which has proven an effective, safe and long lasting moisturizer by clinical studies. As for our Face & Eye Cream, we use natural, RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified, non-GMO Emulium® Mellifera, made of pesticide-free beeswax and jojoba wax. The substance is non-irritating and non-comedogenic, but also extremely extensible — It can alter its level of moisturization and texture according to environmental changes, providing every skin type the best quality of moisturization.

Balancing Oil and Water: A Secret to Forever Youth

Inna Organic_Balancing Oil and Water

If you want to boost your skin’s elasticity, you can’t underestimate the importance of oil products in your skincare routine. As a matter of fact, our skin’s outer layer — stratum corneum — is not hydrophilic, meaning it’s easier for oil-based ingredients to be absorbed by our skin. Hence, the most ideal skincare method is balancing the perfect moisturization level through the support of oil. Inna Organic’s Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil is made with our exclusively designed formula and ECOCERT organic & Nordic Ecolabel certified LRO, 100% natural ingredients. It is different from other natural botanical oils in its light and thin texture, making it easily absorbable and non-greasy. Of course, it is also free of parabens, silicon oils, mineral oils and artificial fragrances, keeping the product effective and safe as we always strive to do.

With the organic frankincense oil blends as its main anti-aging factor, Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil is also known for its firming feature. Continual use of over 30 days will improve the skin’s elasticity, minimize pores, and restore the youthful plumpness back into our skin.


Inna Organic_Oily Skin Also Requires Light Oil

Did You Know? Oily Skin Also Requires Light Oil

Oily skin types are often frustrated with how oily their face gets, hence inclined to avoid oil-based products altogether, using only toners instead. However, without the help of oil-based products, the skin won’t be able to prevent water from evaporating from the surface. Therefore, oily skin type should focus on moisturizing more than anything, to provide the best balance of oil and water.

Our skin has its own inherent defense mechanism: it knows how to alter the temperature of itself as well as how to produce serum at an adequate level. If our stratum corneum can’t metabolize due to dehydration, it will lead to stratum corneum thickening or peeling, which will cause further damage to the stratum corneum. If you find your skin feeling oily and dehydrated at the same time, start light oil skin care today. The right choice of oil won’t worsen feel greasy, on the contrary, it will balance the level of oil and water and stop the skin from over-producing sebum. Inna Organic suggests those with oily skin to also use our Lemon-Scented Tea Tree Mattifying Face Mask to control the level of oiliness. In the meantime, use our Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil mix with the moisturizer for oily skin Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion to keep the skin moisturized.

Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion is the best moisturizer for all skin types including sensitive skin. Double duty Frankincense Revitalizing Face & Eye Cream moisturizer for dry skin or dry weather, it’s richer than the lotion, made exclusively for reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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