Neroli Essential Oil | Boost Skin Radiance

Neroli Essential Oil | Boost Skin Radiance

What is Neroli Essential Oil?

Neroli, a European Nobility Favorite

The name Neroli originated from an Italian princess – Nerola, in the 17th century. She was fascinated by the scent of neroli, and perfumed her bath and clothing with it; therefore, the use of Neroli became a fashionable icon in the European upper class realm. As a result, giving Neroli its fame as “the princess flower”.

Neroli essential oils can be sourced from the flowers of two different kinds of orange tree species: sweet orange trees and bitter orange trees. Neroli essential oils from bitter orange trees are nearly translucent with a light yellow shade and a bitter sweet intoxicating scent. Inna Organic chooses to utilize the bitter orange trees , it’s 2-5 times more expensive compared to its “sister oil” sweet orange oils mainly due to the extraction process, as 1000 pounds of bitter orange flower blossoms can only produce 1 pound of neroli essential oils that we use – truly an “oil for royalty”.

What Are The Benefits Of Neroli Essential  Oil?

According to Patricia Davis, author of Aromatherapy: An A-Z, neroli oil stimulates skin cells to regenerate, giving it anti-scarring properties. This makes neroli a fantastic ingredient to rub on stretch marks, age spots and scars.

1. Tackle dullness and regain skin glow

Neroli is broadly used in brightening skincare products. It is said that neroli essential oils is “the angel that will make your skin glow with radiance”. It can promote skin metabolism, prevent the deposition of melanin, and boost skin radiance; moreover, it has an amazing moisturizing effect, enhancing skin plumping and elasticity. It is the top ingredient of choice for brightening skincare.

2. Elegant aroma for better relaxation

Neroli essential oils smell distinctly sweet, its elegant scent is not only preferable for premium perfumes, but also great for stress alleviation. Because neroli oil brings balance and calmness, its aroma is able to bring “healing” through reducing anxiety and soothing emotions.

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Enjoy All Three Orange Tree Scents at Once

Inna Organic uses “organic neroli essential oil blends”, which contains neroli essential oils mixed with its “sister” oils: bitter orange leaf essential oil and sweet orange essential oil.

These three essential oils all originate from orange trees: neroli oil extracted from its flowers, bitter orange leaf oil from the leaves, and sweet orange oil from the peels of sweet orange trees. Sweet orange oil smells fresh and sweet, with a cheerful vitality; the molecular structure of bitter orange leaf oils is similar to that of neroli oils; hence, they both have a bitter and tinted sweet flavor.

The oil blends of these three orange-sourced essential oils possess a unique floral and citrus aroma, with the elegant fragrance from orange blossoms, mature bitter tone from bitter orange leaves, and fresh scent from sweet orange. Inna’s neroli essential oil blends allow you to enjoy three kinds of citrus aroma at the same time, brightening the skin while softening its texture and bringing back its glow.

Inna Organic Neroli Brightening Set

Inna’s Neroli-Infused Brightening Goodness

Inna Organic carries two natural, clean skincare products for intensive treatment of brightening and evening skin tone – the Neroli serum and Neroli facial mask. For optimal results, we highly recommend the application of serum everyday and the use of masks at least once a week. This will allow you to get your glow back in 30 days of continuous use!

Inna Organic Neroli Brightening Serum

Neroli Brightening Serum

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Neroli Brightening Serum boosts the skin’s natural radiance and gets rid of pigmentation. It contains organic neroli essential oil blends and Centella Asiatica extract, targeting dullness and brightening skin tone. Its usage extends beyond your face – freely apply to other darker areas of your body, such as elbows, knees, and armpits.

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Neroli Brightening Face Mask

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In addition to neroli essential oils, Neroli Brightening Face Mask has another wonderful natural brightening ingredient – “Australian Pearl Lime Extract”. It is rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), promoting the activation and metabolism of the skin’s horny layer and gently removes the aging cuticles of melanin. The majority of AHAs used for brightening on the market is synthetic. Utilizing synthetic acid to exfoliate the uppermost layers of skin by a lower pH value, which is often too strong and not suitable for dry and sensitive skin. However, different from other acid whitening products available on the market, Inna’s Neroli Brightening Face Mask exfoliates the skin by natural acid, which is mild and much gentler with the outstanding results from user testing and feedback.

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