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Preparing for huatever this CNY has never been more convenient when you shop online with GrabPay! Plus, got dai discounts also?


Make a list: whether it’s stocking up on beauty essentials, getting the huatest tech or buying 15 outfits for 15 days of CNY – Grabpay has got you covered.

Get 30% OFF when
when you shop ONG-line
with GrabPay

Use promo code:


Valid from 17 Jan – 28 Feb 2022.
Discount is capped at RM15 with no minimum spend.

How to apply promo code on the GrabPay payment page:

Grab_Mobile_How to apply_1
  1. Shop to your heart’s content.
Grab_Mobile_how to apply_2

2. Upon checkout, at the GrabPay payment page, tap on “Add Offer”.

3. Then, enter the promo code OR tap on “Use Now” on the applicable promo.

I’ve keyed in the promo code 30GRABPAYDEALS but the discount still doesn’t apply. Help!

To help you troubleshoot:

1. Ensure that you’ve keyed in the promo code on the GrabPay payment page and not on the merchant’s checkout page.

2. If the problem still persists, tap on “Add Offers” at the GrabPay payment page. You will then see a list of available promo codes. Then tap on “Use Now” on the applicable promo.

How GrabPayLater Works

2 ways to PayLater

GrabPayLater_Pay in 4 monthly instalments

Pay in 4 monthly instalments

Make a large bill smaller at checkout. Pay only 1/4 of the total bill today.


GrabPayLater_Pay the next month

Pay the next month

Track your monthly spend and pay for it all in one bill. You also earn GrabRewards points this way!

No interest, no fees

Pay only the price of what you’re bringing home. There’s no interest, no upfront costs, and no fees as long as you repay on time. 

Know everything that happens

Get updates every step of the way. From when a transaction has been made to when a repayment is successful. Made a refund in-store? We’ll let you know when you will get your money back.

No hidden charges

There’s only one charge if you miss a scheduled payment, and that’s a flat RM10 admin fee to reactivate your suspended PayLater account.

Grab users who are eligible for PayLater should be

– 21 years and older
– Platinum, Gold or Silver GrabRewards tier member, and
– Have used either cash, credit or debit card for at least 3 Grab transactions in the recent month.

Clicking the link below will take you to our third party partner Grab’s website.

Activate PayLater Now SHOP NOW

If you’re eligible for PayLater, you’ll be able to activate it in-app, or simply launch your Grab app, tap on Payments, tap on Enjoy Now and Pay Later under Explore GrabPay.

If you don’t see the PayLater option, we’re unfortunately unable to offer this service to you just yet. All approvals are subject to our internal review.

We are working towards providing the PayLater service to more users soon. Stay tuned!

Frequently asked questions

What is PayLater Instalments?

PayLater Instalments is a payment method for you to spread your online shopping bill into 4 interest-free monthly instalments. When you activate PayLater, you get instant access to a PayLater Amount that you can use at Inna Organic Malaysia website.

Is there a cost to using PayLater?

PayLater is a free service offered by retailers to you – there are no upfront fees charged or any interest accrued.

The only fee that may be incurred is admin fee to reactivate your suspended account. Your PayLater account may be suspended if you have overdue PayLater bill and you do not make any payments after being notified by us.

Will I get GrabReward points if I pay using PayLater?

An easy way to track if you’re earning GrabRewards points for your selected Grab payment method is to check it during the checkout flow. GrabRewards points is awarded for every PayLater Postpaid transaction.

While PayLater Instalments does not currently award any GrabRewards points, you can look out for our various exciting promotions and merchant offers for great value at our merchant directory.

How does the payment schedule work?

All customers are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase, with the remaining three payments deducted automatically every month from your chosen payment method.

When will my items be delivered if I use installments by GrabPayLater?

GrabPayLater orders are delivered as per our standard shipping timeframe after you complete your order online.

Where can I find out more about GrabPayLater?

If you would like to know more about Grab, visit the Grab(Learning about PayLater) website  for a comprehensive list of FAQs